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FX Bin 3

FX Bin 4

"Sau" (Deity of Health and Longevity)
 This is a small cute "Sau". "Sau" is one of the three deities in "Fook Luk Sau". He symbolizes good health and longevity in Feng Shui. Click for more....
Pagoda with Six Bells

This Pagoda with six bells enhances the Northwest and West sectors of your home for good fortune and luck. Click for more....
Chinese Coins
 This is a set of ten old Chinese coins replicas. There are from the years of 1644 to 1911 (ten different dynasties). These ten coins can be tied together with a piece of red ribbon to encourage the flow of positive energy ("chi"). Click for more....
Crystal Globe
Crystal Globes are used for education, networking and mentor luck.Click for more....
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