Healthy Diet Tips

We should have a healthy lifestyle if we want to live longer. However, most of us ignore that diet is very essential. We think of “diet” as something that is only for teenagers who are so conscious of their looks; we think of it as only for those obese wanting to get their ideal weight. […]

Pinched Nerve In Neck Symptoms

A pinched nerve in the neck is caused when a nerve gets somehow injured or damaged by compression or direct pressure, making it unable to transfer information from the brain. There are many causes for this condition, depending on the nerve’s location. Any problems with the nervous system can be dangerous, so patients experiencing pinched […]


Those who eat healthy, balanced diets have no need for multivitamins save for when prescribed by a physician. However, there are certain periods in life when multivitamins are a necessity. Childhood, pregnancy and seniority are prime examples of periods in life where multivitamins are needed. As a kid, I liked nothing but hotdogs. As you […]

Losing Weight Takes Time

Don’t expect to get miracle results overnight. People tend to take three years to put on fat and want to lose it in 10 days. It generally doesn’t work that way. It’s about setting a realistic goal for your self and making sure all you are willing to do what it takes to achieve that […]

Downsizing and decluttering – moving time

I move into my new loft in January and have started the packing and decluttering process. My current apartment is 600 SF in Uptown Dallas and I’ll be moving into a 500 SF loft in Deep Ellum. I am quite sad to leave the convenience of my current one bedroom… it is within walking distance […]


Once when I was in hospital I was interviewed by a very earnest researcher who was investigating the use of alcohol. At that time I was drinking nearly a bottle of wine each night. The last question he asked was, had I ever had any hallucinations? I answered, “no”. But this is what I should […]